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2019 was the year that the pop-up store “popped out.” Digital natives going bricks-and-mortar; an explosion of local entrepreneurism; the rise of upstart brands; a new launching pad for global retailers, and so much more—These are all examples of the types of pop-up trends we are seeing in retail.

Read Cushman & Wakefield’s national Report: Pop-up-a-Palooza, to understand where retail is headed in the Age of Experience.


The flexible office sector—and coworking, in particular—has been the darling of the office market since the last recession. Its meteoric 45% compound annual growth rate in U.S. gateway markets from 2010-2018 has increasingly driven new leasing activity. In 2010, coworking leasing represented just 0.5% of all net new leasing in U.S. gateway cities; by 2018, the share was 9.5%.

It is tricky, however, to reconcile these statistics with recent media coverage on the sector; gloomy predictions have been on the rise. In light of this, it is worthwhile to re-examine some fundamental assumptions regarding the flexible space office sector.

Check out this Cushman & Wakefield Research report.

As Teleworking Increases, Companies Need to Adjust

According to an analysis that recently released almost half of workers in America work remotely.

Do you work remote, how has it changed your office dynamic? What does it mean for the future of CRE? read the article below and call me to help with your office space needs. I can help you navigate the trends and get you the space you need!

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