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What’s next for the Jacksonville Landing?

What do CRE professionals think should happen to the Jacksonville Landing?  Well, I’m glad you asked. Check out this article by Allison Colburn  to find out more!  What do you think the city should do with this space? This is such an exciting time for our city!

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The Biggest Thing Helping Office Real Estate Grow Is Fear Of Loneliness

The future of work and the workplace are a constant source of debate in real estate, because this will shape the future of offices, one of the two largest property sectors. According to one academic study, offices have one key attribute to offer above all else. Forget about increasing productivity and efficiency. The main thing offices do is combat loneliness.

A recent episode of behavioural economics podcast Freakonomics looked at the open office, and why people dislike them so much. It took as its basis a study from researchers at Harvard which showed, contrary to received wisdom, that open offices actually reduce the amount of employee interaction.

But it also highlighted a second study, undertaken by economist Nicholas Bloom on behalf of the National Bureau of Economic Research entitled “Does Working from Home Work? Evidence from a Chinese Experiment”.

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Real Estate In 2030 Will Be Radically Different. Here Are The Skills You’ll Need To Survive

How will computers and technology impact Real Estate?  Will it make us obsolete?  Below is an interesting article from about how Real Estate might be different in the year 2030.

How do machines think? How do you talk to them? What kind of answers should you expect back? Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer. Worry if you haven’t thought about the question. Over the next decade or so, technology will be able to do huge swathes of what brokers, advisors, investors, developers and asset managers can do today: write reports or contracts, analyse leases, undertake valuations, enable viewings, even trade assets. So what’s left?

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