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Month: November 2019

As Teleworking Increases, Companies Need to Adjust

According to an analysis that recently released almost half of workers in America work remotely.

Do you work remote, how has it changed your office dynamic? What does it mean for the future of CRE? read the article below and call me to help with your office space needs. I can help you navigate the trends and get you the space you need!

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City Parks Piggyback on Infrastructure

Green spaces in major urban areas are becoming increasingly common. New York City’s converted railway greenery infrastructure project known as The Highline opened ten years ago this past June, and since then has spurred numerous transportation and city park projects. But implementation of these luscious landscapes has drawn some criticism. Not only are these parks extremely intricate, they potentially require several layers of approval, and can lag for months and deliver over budget. Despite these drawbacks, adding green spaces improves an urban setting and attracts those seeking relief without leaving the concrete jungle.

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Meditating on the Deeper Meaning of Workplace Wellness

It seems that we are constantly bombarded at work by emails, phone calls, meetings and deadlines. It’s not surprising that an estimated one million people call in sick every day due to workplace-related stress. Companies are beginning to focus more on employee wellness, and one stress-reducing technique is meditation. This article emphasizes that a place to meditate is more than just a “quiet zone” or conference room. Ideally, it is a space that allows workers to completely disconnect and re-focus. Designing these spaces into a workplace may be an important contributor to lower stress levels and elevate employee well-being.


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