Workplace 2025 People. Place. Technology.

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Workplace 2025 identifies the major shifts that will transform the workplace. Space is less about the floorplan and more about the worker experience as occupiers seek to improve employee engagement. The C-Suite focuses on workplace as a tool to drive innovation and productivity. Workplace solutions will become data driven. Key drivers of the workplace in 2025 will be people, place and technology. People will work differently, the place they work in will support their preferences, and it will have the technology that will enable them.

Visualizing the workplace in 2025 starts with the realization that planning for that reality starts today. People today can work from anywhere, at any time so offices now must compete with other workplace options. When workers do go into the office they want a work environment to complement their work-life experience – and in a place where they feel valued, connected and supported. It’s all about people – and it’s closer than you think.