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Virtual Reality: The New Reality for Real Estate

The promises of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) have been described plenty of times before: Fully immersive video games, sideline-quality views of sporting events from the comfort of a living room, surgeons reviewing a patient’s medical records and scans mid-procedure without leaving the operating table and many other flights of fancy.

The problem has always been the limits of the technology. Processing speeds in headsets have traditionally been too slow to keep up with the movements of human eyes and limbs, and the headsets’ visual displays have lacked the high definition necessary to resemble the real world (for VR) or integrate seamlessly with real-world vision (for AR), leaving users frustrated.

That could soon change. According to a research report released last year by Goldman Sachs, VR/AR hardware and software are finally beginning to catch up with consumer expectations and are poised to disrupt a number of markets, including real estate.

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Cushman & Wakefield Macro Forecast Report

Measured Optimism Still on the Menu

  • Near-term growth in U.S. GDP expected to increase, but not to 3%
  • Despite economy nearing full employment, labor markets still have juice
  • Fiscal policy clouds the outlook, but odds are still good that some stimulus (e.g., tax cuts) will be enacted
  • Growing supply and slowing demand to cross paths this year for most asset classes
  • Capital markets will shake off weak start to 2017

EverBank building owner buys another Downtown property

Ramon Llorens, owner of the EverBank Center in Downtown, has recently purchased the 3.04 acres surface parking lot that’s in front of the Omni Hotel and One Enterprise Center.

North Carolina-based company ASC Associates sold the property for $4.95 million to Amkin Hogan LLC, which was regestered by Llorens on April 20.

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